The Top College Anime Series


People really embrace a ton of pop culture when they’re in college. One of the biggest crazes amongst college kids throughout the last ten years has been anime. It offer a platform for late teen and young adults to relate to. Plenty of animes are aimed directly at college students and touch on aspects like love, tight budgets and struggling to keep a life together. Today we’re going to touch on the top five best animes for college kids.


Honey and Clover
Honey and Clover is twenty four episodes of suspense and deep feels. Definitely it belong on the top of this list. The show revolves around Yuuta, Takumi and Shinobu. Three college roommates with three very different personalities. It follows them through poverty, struggles with grades and romance. The romance in the show comes in the form of 18 year old genius, Hagumi. She shows up and blows all their worlds.


Love Hina
Love Hina follows Keitaro. He is a mission to fulfill a promise to a girl he met in childhood about meeting at Tokyo University. While studying for his entrance exams he has been tasked by his grandmother to run the Hinata Apartment. All the residents are over the top girls who make his life very difficult to say the least. Oddly, one of the girls ends up being the one he made the promise to all those years ago.


Genshiken is a gem for anyone really in love with otaku culture. You’ll find in this anime plenty of references to pop culture including video games, manga, anime and film. This anime follows a group of college students who are grouped together by a common love. The main character is Kanji Sasahara and in very typical anime fashion he is young, shy and lacks confidence.


Although it’s one of the shortest animes, it definitely is one of the best. The show follows Tadayasu. He’s a college freshmen and agricultural major who has the freakish ability to speak to micro-organisms. It’s one fine watch and highly recommended.

School Rumble
Okay, it isn’t exactly about college but it’s without doubt the best anime out there. While watching it you’re get to relive all your crazy memories from yesteryear. It’s an anime with lots of heart and it covers a wide range of topics. This is definitely something you don’t want to miss out on.