Spots You’ll Find Are Perfect For Studying


University life comes with it few morsels of stress, especially during finals or in the wake of a big test. To top that off sometimes you don’t have the most study friendly living space. You can have a roommate who loves to blast music, have friends over 24/7 and loves to talk. It can be stressful to try and study through this and don’t ever try it. You don’t have to. There are a number of amazing options.

The Library is always there for you. Maybe not well into the night, but if you happen to be someone who love to hit the books during the day, the library is probably the best place. It’s silent for the most part and provide desk with barriers as to block out distraction. It’s probably the best option.

If the library isn’t an option at the moment, opt for a cafe. If it looks too busy and too noisy then don’t go. A more empty cafe will usually do just fine. The light jazz music they play in the background will be sure to relax you and block out any unwanted sounds.

Outside is also a good option. Perhaps you can sit under a campus tree or at a park bench. It can be nice to study out amongst the world. The nice breeze and the sounds of the birds chirping couldn’t possibly work against you.

One of my favorite places to study was on the train ride home. I had about an hour between where I lived and where I went to school, so these rides were the perfect time for me to get some studying done. I’d usually only study on the day of the test and that hour was usually enough to get me a passing grade. Try it.