The Changing Faces Of Our Superheroes



Right now superheroes are hotter than ever. With Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and The Justice League coming out with films, you can’t escape the hype. Let’s not forget heroes like Spiderman and the X Men. DC and Marvel are battling head to head on a level of intensity unmatched in the past decades. That said, we’re going to show you how your favorite heros have evolved since their birth.


With the success of Superman, there was high demand to create more superheroes. Amongst the first was Batman who first graced the comic stands in May of 1939 in a comic book called Detective Comics. With a much darker image and being written in the style of a pulp, Batman was unique for what was out at the time. Unlike today’s Batman, in the 1940’s he would actually kill his adversaries without thought. With popularity, Batman soon took off with his own comic all while still having a slot cemented in Detective Comics. His violent image didn’t last long and became more softer with the 1940 introduction of Robin.