4 Mistakes to Avoid on Your College Application


Applying to colleges can be a very stressful and intimidating experience for high school student, knowing how tough the competition is among young hopefuls and how low acceptance rates can be for most prestigious institutions. Although choosing the right college to apply to and the tedious task of filling out applications and studying for entrance tests can be quite time-consuming, the process shouldn’t have to be stressful for the students. If you’re getting ready to start your college application process, here are some things that you should avoid to make the procedure smooth and stress-free.

Lacking Personality

We know that you really want to show off your impressive repertoire of accomplishments in your personal essay that you worked so hard during your high school to attain, but the admission officers must go through thousands of similar, generically written letters by students bragging about their GPA and other academic accomplishments; somewhere along the application process, the students forget to let their personalities shine through their personal essays. By simply being genuine and telling a memorable life story in your essay can instantly make you a better choice than the other 90% of the applicants.

Not Paying Attention to the School-Specific Essays

Most institutions use school-specific questions in their essay and using a recycled personal essay can hurt your chances of being accepted. When students have a long list of colleges they want to apply to, it’s a frequent mistake on their part to recycle the same personal essay and use it for all the colleges. The whole process of the college application, from researching schools to taking tests and filing out lengthy forms can wear out the students in which case they usually cannot be bothered to write individual essays for different colleges.


Laziness can be the number one virtue of a student but putting off your college application process until the very last minute can put you under a lot of pressure and affect the quality of your work. Not to mention that getting hold of your professor for a recommendation letter can be quite time-consuming since teachers often have busy schedules and need to be informed in advance if you need a letter of recommendation from them.

Failing to Utilize the Services of a School Counsellor

Look around you; there are many valuable resources like your parents, teachers and school counselors who have been through the daunting process of getting into college and may have some useful tips that you could benefit from. If you’re not sure which college you want to go to or which career path you want to choose for your future, your college counselor can steer you in the right direction by helping you explore all the possible options and finding out which one is best for you.