Keeping That Dorm Spot Free


You’ve never lived on your own. Maybe you never had to do your own dishes before, take out the trash, cook or sustain a living space. Maybe you have. If that be the case, there is also a good chance your new dorm mate hasn’t. This can leave for a really dirty apartment. For some this is okay. They’re fine with living in filth and for some it isn’t.

Some people can’t handle a sink full of dishes that are stinking up the whole apartment. They don’t want to look at the trash can and see it filled with week old garbage and maggots crawling about everything. Those same people would not want to have to walk all over someone’s dirty clothing that has replaced the apartments carpet. Then there are bugs. Filth attracts all sorts of disgusting little creatures.

So just how does one go about keeping their apartment clean? Some people rely on systems, but these usually fail when one member of the party refuses to do their part. That will often result in an argument. Once too many of those happen you’ll find yourself in hostile living conditions. You do not want this in your life. You have enough stress when it comes to college life.

The best thing you can do is maybe set up a good example. Take responsibility for yourself. Your roommate will see this and catch on. Explain that everyone needs to take responsibility for their own things. Talk sternly and with confidence. That is a sure way to get the message across to them. Just take care of your own.