Getting to Know Your College Town


So you’re starting university. It’s an experience that will rock your foundation in the coolest way, yet your foundation will nonetheless be rocked. You’re in a brand new city, on an unfamiliar campus and you don’t know anyone. What really sucks is that you don’t know where anything is in the city. Where are the good restaurants, the best bars and clubs and the cinema. These things mean a lot to a student.

Firstly, not knowing anything can be a major social setback. Knowing where everything is will have the exact opposite effect and you’ll be meeting tons of people. Here’s how you can go about getting to know your new city in a quick and practical way.

  • Got For Walks – It doesn’t matter when. It can be the middle of the day or the night. Go work walks down the main streets and even down hidden side streets. You’ll be able to spot all the hidden gems. At night you can find where the most popping clubs and bars are and even seek out ones that have like minded people in them.
  • Google – Google is a friend who will be there till the end. If you’re searching for music venues, bars, clubs or even pizza places you can always type in “Best clubs in your city” and get a fair amount of results.
  • Hit The Subways – Hit your city’s subway system and get off at every stop. Explore the area, walk around a few blocks and scope any cool places. Of course you can only do this if your city has a subway system.
  • Ask Around – It never hurts to ask the guy working at the records store or the chick working at the book shop where all the cool places are. They’re definitely more local then you can point you in the right direction.

If you follow these simple tips, you’ll have your city mentally mapped out in no time. You’ll never have to take out google maps when someone wants you to meet them somewhere, you’ll already have it figured out.