Feeling Homesick


Being hundreds or thousands of miles away from home isn’t always easy. If you aren’t having a blast 24/7, homesickness is bound to hit you eventually, especially if you come from a home where you had plenty of love and affection. Don’t worry, these feelings are natural. Feeling homesick doesn’t mean packing up and heading back to your mother’s arms, it means overcoming the feeling.

While you lay in bed wrapped in hometown nostalgia, remember that it won’t last. In an hour or two the pain could be completely gone and you can be having the time of your life. Just remind yourself that you made the right decision by leaving home and at the end of the day you’re getting some great life experiences from it.

Another way to trump the feeling of homesickness is finding distractions. Instead of lying around and focusing on the past, call a friend. You can also go out and explore your new home. I know it’s easier to stay in your comfort zone, but if you push yourself to go out, I can promise you that you’ll get some benefits from it.

In the case that you really do need to talk to someone from back home you can always call them. Home is just a telephone call away, though I wouldn’t become too dependent on them. You’ll benefit more from focusing on your present and not your past.

What really helps me when I’m homesick is reminding myself that it really isn’t the place I’m missing. Within your three years in university, your hometown has probably changed a lot. Most of your friends are probably in different schools and to top it all off, your state of mind has probably grown and evolved as well. Really ask yourself if you’re missing a place or a time in your life.