Does Your Dorm Have Bedbugs?


Dorm life is full of ups and downs. You’re living with a complete stranger who can very well turn out to be a complete mess. One awful thing that can come with a messy person are bedbugs. Hands down, bedbugs are probably the worst thing in the world. It can be nearly impossible to completely eliminate them, especially if you have a roommate who doesn’t care or if they are coming from a nearby dorm. A full treatment can cost thousands and the college might not want to give up the cash to clean a whole building. It doesn’t all have to be over and done with, you can always keep yourself safe.

You should throw out your bed. Some will recommend the bed and washing the bedding, but to be on the safe side I’d just throw it out and start new. Bedbugs work quick infecting mattresses. You can prevent them by keeping your bed from touching the wall. Put the legs of the bed in tupperware containers and feel the containers with oil. This way the bedbugs won’t be able to climb up your bed.

Once you have your bed set up, make sure the blankets don’t touch the floor. A blanket touching the floor would be just what the bedbug is looking for. Hell easily latch on. You’ll also want to wash your clothes put them in the dryer at least three times on the highest heat and then place them in trash bags for about a week.

When the clothes are ready to be taken from the bags make sure you keep them suspended off the ground. Keep them hung in the closet and never throw a shirt on the floor. Keep anything you hold precious off the ground and don’t ever put anything from the ground on your bed.

An effective way to kill bedbugs is with a steamer. Steam all around the carpet that’s along the edges of the wall. That is one way to drive the bedbugs from their hiding spots and kill them. Try to make the room as clean as possible and if you can request and outright demand that you be moved from your room.