Dealing with Dorm Life – The Essentials You Need to Know


Dealing with Dorm Life – The Essentials You Need to Know

It can be difficult to begin college by living with new people in a strange environment, but studies have shown that students who live in dorms are happier, healthier, and get much better grades. Here are five tips to help you deal.

Avoid Dating Someone Living in Your Hall

There are plenty of men and women at college, unless you attend a women-only or men-only university. Avoid dating someone that lives in your hall, because when the break-up happens, it is going to be rough if you have to continue living and hanging out with your ex-significant other. The truth is that halls tend to band together and hang out even if the members of the hall have other social groups of friends as well.

Finding a Social Group is a Class

Too many freshmen try to take a large number of classes only to realize that they do not have enough time to make friends and fit into a social group. It’s not that everyone in college is mean or that making friends is difficult, but finding the right friends that fit your personality is difficult when you live on a campus full of thousands of students. Even with a small college, finding your group of friends can be challenging.

Without a good group of friends, dorm life is going to suck. Take one less class than you were planning to take to ensure that you can find your friends so that you don’t spend the weekend alone in your dorm room.

Do Not Study in the Dorm 

It sounds like a good idea to study in your dorm room because you have the food that you need, easy access to the bathroom without worrying about someone stealing your laptop and the ability to read Shakespeare in your pajamas, but IT IS NOT.

It is not a good idea to study in the dorm because there are far too many distractions and not enough time in the day to work, study, and sleep. Optimize your time by heading to the library or by working in a quiet study hall area. Ask upperclassmen for the best hideouts on campus for studying and take advantage of them.

Stay on Top of the Laundry

Laundry machines usually require quarters or special cards, but that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using the laundry machines at college. It is important to remember that these communal laundry machines are used by other people and if you leave your laundry for too long, someone else may decide to dump our your laundry and use the machine. Not only does this make your clean laundry dirty, but also it means that someone else is handling your laundry – including your bras or your underwear.

Be Careful with the Partying

When it comes to partying in dorm rooms, remember that as most freshmen are under the age of 21, drinking is not only forbidden but it is also illegal. If you attend a party in a dorm, be careful about drinking. More importantly, do not host drinking parties in your own dorm because these can lead to additional punishments (including being kicked out of campus housing permanently) if college officials find out.

What do you think of living in a dorm? Have you had positive or negative experiences living in a dorm setting? What would you say have been your biggest “essentials” for dealing with dorm life? Let us know down below.

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