College Dating: How On-Campus Dating Differs


College Dating: How On-Campus Dating Differs

When you are going to college, you are going to meet new people and even if you had a relationship during high school, there is a good chance you won’t be going to the same school as your previous flame so you’ll need to move on and find someone new. On-campus dating isn’t really that much different than it was during high school, but there are some benefits. If you’re looking to date someone new and you want to know how on-campus dating differs, here’s the inside scoop.

You’ll Have to Mind Your Roommate

Since you will be living on campus, you will probably be sharing a dorm room with a roommate. Since you will want to spend time with the person you are dating, you’ll want to bring them to your dorm sometimes, even if its just to do some homework or watch a movie after class, which is all well and good, but it has to be good with your roommate as well. It’s always important to ask her or him whether they mind someone coming over. Sure, it may be your dorm too, but if your roommate has a problem with who are you are seeing, you have to be respectful of his or her wishes and see your boyfriend or girlfriend somewhere else until the air clears.

You Don’t Need Permission

Because you are an adult and you’re essentially on your own at college now, you will not have to ask permission to go out on a date and your parents will not have to approve the person you want to go out with nor will they be asking those annoying hundred questions before you leave the house. You will be able to come and go as you please with whoever you please, with no questions asked. How great does that feel?

There’s More to Do

You will see that there is so much more to do when you are in college than when you are in high school. You will be able to go to on-campus events together, like dances, movie nights and even game nights or to school parties held by fraternities or sororities. There is always something going on when you are on campus, so you won’t be bored and you won’t ever have to just hang out in the dorms because in a college town, even if you do venture off campus, there are still plenty of things do to and see.

It’s Easy to Meet People

In high school, you really only meet the people who live near you but when you go to college, it is a whole new ball game and you will be able to meet new people from different parts of the state or even different parts of the country so you will have more to talk about and you won’t be stuck with people who are ‘all the same’, like you were in high school. You’re much more likely to meet someone new and exciting that may be more perfect for you than your high school sweetheart ever was.

As you can see, dating on campus can be fun and easy and you will never be bored or have to worry about your parents being okay with you going out. Take advantage of your new found freedom and even if your dates don’t turn into a relationship, at least you’ll have made some new friends!