5 Problems With Dorm Living


Living in a college dorm is a huge gamble. You might enter dorm life and just have the time of your life, although you’re just as likely to walk into an absolute nightmare. Here are some of the biggest hang ups about college dorms. Believe me, these hang ups go way beyond the typical things you might have in mind. Here are some of the biggest problems that can arise out of college dorm life.

Maybe you’re someone who like things clean and organized. If your roommate doesn’t feel the same way you can kiss that cleanliness goodbye. You can’t simply enforce your ways on another person, you’ll have to just deal. Sometimes their mess will just continuously grow and grow, pushing itself closer onto your side of the room. You might one day wake up to find a dirty sock under your bed and it may not be yours.

You May Not Get Along
You might not get along with your roommate. This is shockingly common. You throw two random people together and who knows what kind of chemistry you’ll end up with. The best you can do is try to be tolerant. Although it may be sore on your back, don’t opt for an immediate move out. This can be a great life lesson. Try to make the best of it.

No Privacy
You have no privacy in your dorm. You might be putting on your pants and the door will just swing open. Bam! It’s your roommate with a bunch of friends. You may walk in after class and their is your roommate sprawled out. There are plenty of unpleasant walk ins. You just have to learn to respect each other and be comfortable.

Hot and Cold
You and your roommate will have little control of the air conditioning situation in your dorm. In the summertime they may turn up the cold so high that you’ll be freezing at night. Invest in a ton of blankets and a hot water bottle.Alternatively, in the winter they may turn up the heart so high you’ll be sweating up your sheets every night.

Most dorms and small and horribly, horribly ventilated. This can lead disgusting mold growth that will in turn lead to a lot of unpleasant health issues. If this be the case, go to administration and demand they take care of the problem.