5 Dorm Mistakes Every College Student Should Avoid Doing


5 Dorm Mistakes Every College Student Should Avoid Doing

Finally, the day you’ve been waiting for. You’re on your way to the university, leaving behind mommy and daddy and all those rules and restrictions. No more having to be in by midnight, no more chores, but wait, is it all that easy? After all, you won’t be living alone, will you? No, you’re going to have new friends and yes, new obligations. Here are a few things to consider avoiding if you want to not have your new roommate give you the cold shoulder.


It is very unpleasant to live with someone who throws their things around, never picks up after themselves and leaves the floor covered with old smelly socks and who knows what else, not to mention used tissues from several months back. Whether or not your new roomy is a neat freak, it’s a good idea to keep your side of the room in order.


Dorm rooms are built to be compact. There’s not a lot of extra room there. Even though you may think it’s a good idea, you may want to consider leaving your 1000 watt speaker system at home for your brother to enjoy and bring something a little more compact, or even use earphones. And maybe that exercise bike can take a rest.


Although it may be a good idea to not overpack, you don’t want to underpack either. Remember that you are not moving into a hotel room where maid service is provided and the sheets are changed daily. You’ll need to bring your own sheets and pillows and don’t forget laundry detergent because you will be doing the wash and not mom, unless of course you live close enough to your home to bring your mom the wash to do. You’ll need all of your clothes and make sure you are dressed properly for the weather, although some college freshmen have been known to get by on the same pair of jeans for upwards of a semester.


Some people are social gadflies and some just don’t want to be bothered. Maybe you are somewhere in-between. It’s not a good idea to cut yourself off from others when you’re living in such close quarters, especially your roommate. Maybe that was your best defense at home, to stick your nose in a book or stay glued to the internet, but now you have the chance to blossom a little. Who knows, you may form relationships that last a lifetime.


Okay we’re all adults here right? But there are some limits to consider. For example, drinking in the dorms is not a good idea, even if you are of legal age. Remember that the RAs are watching and you don’t need a letter home to your parents or what might be worse, a stiff fine. Getting drunk and heaving it in the sink is a no no.