How to Stay Focused When Studying


Studying is not easy. You aren’t forced to sit down in front of your teacher and read the material over and over again. This is something that you must do independently. You have to go home, to the library or the local cafe and crack open those books on your free time. It doesn’t sound so hard, but when your really want to cram that information into your mind, believe me, it isn’t so easy.

There are a million better things you’d rather be doing. The cafes outside of your room are alive with people, chatter and clinks and clicks from all the silverware. This can be a very distracting place to study, especially when your waitress keeps coming up to you to check on you. Maybe you better work from home.

Home can almost be twice as bad. You are in your comfort zone. Picture this, your tired from a whole day at school or at the job and now you have to study as your bed sits behind you taunting and calling for you to lay down. If it isn’t that, it’s the phone, the laptop and the whole online world calling for your attention. Maybe you’ll feel like getting up and cooking. Home definitely isn’t the proper place for hitting the books.

Your best bet is going to library. It’s quiet, you got solidarity with the other people studying and doing anything loudly would be frowned upon. Yet, let’s say that the library isn’t an option and you have to will your way past distraction. What can you do?

Firstly, set yourself some study goals. By setting a goal you’ll be pushing yourself to hit a finishing line. It is also important to learn some self control. Say no to that vibrating phone and social media’s echoing call.