5 Best Countries to Study Abroad In


Studying abroad is all the rage in college and why wouldn’t it be. Every college student has that same day dream of walking around a beautiful European city, sipping wine, meeting an exotic foreigner and having a romantic time. It’s exactly what I thought when I imagined studying abroad. Yet, everything isn’t what we daydream it to be, studying abroad is still an amazing experience and location means everything. We’re going to give you the top five best locations to study abroad in.

Italy is always the first place that pops into a student’s mind when they think about studying abroad. Everyone was talking about it back in college and it isn’t shocking why. Italy has it all. Without doubt, they have the best cuisine, festive music and a fascinating and dynamic history. We just can’t leave out the breathtaking scenery and the historic buildings throughout country. Academically they provide top of the notch programs that cover business, the arts and plenty more.

Another popular choice amongst students in England. It will be amongst the easiest country to study abroad in. With a culture similar to our own and a language that is shared, you can easily meet local and engulf yourself in the English lifestyle. On top of that finding the things you love from back home will never be a problem there. Though the UK is very expensive and for anyone really wanting a huge cultural difference, you can do better.

France! Can there be a more romantic city in the world? France offers courses in both English and French, so the challenge is completely up to you, though even if you choose to take the English courses learning at least a little French is recommended. The locals would certainly appreciate it. With all its unique food and fashionable ambiance, France is surely an absolute must.

Talk about a rich culture. With its festivals, siestas and bull fighting, no country can be as interesting or as intense as Spain. There is also no shortage of natural beauties like mountainsides and beaches. Spain is also on the higher end of the study abroad spectrum. There are a huge diversity of programs you can take and they offer housing that’ll match your personal preference.

Japan offers a cultural experience completely different from what you find in Europe. Being the world’s leader in technology and being landscaped with great zen architecture, you’re bound to have a great experience here. One problem that comes with Japan is how expensive it can be. Yet, taking into consideration how great the study programs are, a time here would be totally worth it.