My Experiencing Fencing in College and How it Inspired Me


Growing up, I was never really one for sports. I wasn’t good at basketball, wasn’t good at football and was slightly below average at baseball. Spots were never my thing, or so I thought. There is actually a world of athletics outside of the big main ones. If you aren’t much at football, perhaps it’s time that you try your hand in tennis or golf. Don’t rush to label yourself a non-athletic type. I did so when I was in high school and most of the way through college, but than I found my calling. You wouldn’t believe where.

It was half way through my college career when a friend recommended that we take fencing together. In my mind I pictured sword fighting and it seemed like a good deal. The class started out pretty easy. We did some very basic exercises and then busted out the heavy white coats and lances. So began a huge love in my life. A love that would stretch on for two semesters.

During my time in fencing, I’d go on to win two matches. No surprise, I was far from the best fencer in the class, but I wasn’t the worse. Two matches isn’t a lot, but some people went on to win none. This was huge for me. I beat my friend which was really satisfying. Inside `of three hits he was out. I think he might have poked me once.

My second win was against this rather hefty girl who over the course of the semester went from liking to hating me. This was college. Things changed relatively fast there. She went after me with fury. There was real anger in her moves, yet I was too quick for her. She just couldn’t get a hit. With every miss I’d swoop In for the poke. In no time at all I had won the match. I felt on top of the world that day. I didn’t just win a match, but I won against someone who disliked me.

That was the end for my career in fencing. Soon adult like took over and I didn’t have much time to practice the sport anymore. It was during this time that I tried something new and fell in love with it. From that point on I couldn’t label myself as someone who didn’t like sports.