Vintage Ads That Are Just Wrong


Sexism was the name of the game back in the day when women were treated as sexual objects are treated inferior to men. Even the advertisements from the early 40’s all the way till 80’s were a reflection of gender and racial inequality in America. From murdering and beating your wife to sexual overtones, all seems to be fair in the game of advertisements. These cringe-worthy vintage ads which are overtly racist and sexist will make you glad to be living in the modern day society.

Blow In Her Face and She’ll Follow You Anywhere

Now that’s a phrase that you will probably never hear in 2016. Not only is passive smoking harmful, but can also be a huge turn-off for some women. This advertisement has a clear sexist undertone suggesting submissive behavior in women; what made these advertisers think that a woman would follow a man with the whiff of tobacco? Triplet, a famous tobacco brand from the 40’s clearly did not think this through – no wonder the brand is dead today.