The Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces Ever


For better or for worse. These are the exact vows bind two people in a union when they start a new chapter of their lives, marriage. However, many couples fail to live up to these vows when they easily give up on their marriages and start filing for divorce with the slightest disagreement. It trues how they say that divorce brings out the worst in marriage by making both parties argue and disagree a lot. Usually, it doesn’t turn out to be great, especially for the one who has to go through the arguments as well as has to give out alimony to his significant other.
For celebrities its not just the tension between them but their ability to handle huge financial arguments and claims as to who gets what and who gets the most out of the bargain that shapes their divorce. Here are several of the most expensive celebrity divorces of all time!

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

The Austrian Oak, former Mr. Universe and former governor of California learned a major life lesson from his divorce that is: Don’t mess with the Kennedy’s (Maria is JFK’s niece). After the discovery of his love child which he fathered with the former housekeeper of Schwarzenegger family, Mildred Baena, his wife of 25 years Maria Shriver filed for divorce. Because the couple never signed a prenuptial agreement Arnie had to abide by the Californian Law which states that everything is to be divided 50/50. Arnold ended up paying a half of his net fortune which was around $500 million to $750 million around that time.