Stunning Medical Advancements That are Changing the World


The world of healthcare has boomed with medical advancements over the past few years. Scientist, doctors and researches have taken wonders only thought up for science fiction movies and has turned them into a reality. Only twenty years ago, all of what you’re about read was deemed to be impossible, but now the future is here. Reading about these miracle treatments will push you onto the edge of your seat. Furthermore, if this is today what can possibly be in store for us tomorrow. The possibilities are endless.

Apifix Implant

Designed for those with adolescent scoliosis, Apifix is an internal titanium brace that will correct any curvature in the spine. Taking only two screws to secure the implant to the spine in what is usually a one hour procedure, Apifix is a breath of fresh air when compared to the usual scoliosis surgery. The common procedure usually takes about six hours, involves up to twenty screws and leaves the patient with a permanent stiffness in their back. Let’s not forget to mention that it can cost thousands of dollars.

Apifix corrects the spine gradually over a period of months and leaves its patients with a good amount of flexibility in the spine. Patients are usually advised to do an exercise routine while recovering. This will assure that the Apifix implant can realign soft tissues surrounding the spine. That said, the Apifix implant is aimed towards people between the ages of 10 and 18. Between those age there is a still a lot of growing and developing going on and therefore the spine is easier to manipulate.

One tale of success belongs to Maya. A teenage girl who tried everything from therapy to braces. Nothing worked and she was soon left with surgery as her only option. She had the choice of going the conventional route or the Apifix route. Needless to say, Maya took the Apifix route. The surgery was simple, the screws were few and she’s reported that she maintains all the flexibility she had before the surgery.