This Ripped 8-Year-Old Looked Like A Miniature Bodybuilder. But 16 Years On, He’s Totally Changed


This Ripped 8-Year-Old Looked Like A Miniature Bodybuilder

Little Hercules

Does the name Richard Sandrak ring a bell? If not, let’s refresh your memory. Richard Sandrak also was known as Little Hercules. At a young and tender age, he gladly claimed the title of the world’s strongest boy in the early 2000’s. During his early childhood, Richard was a powerful, young, up and coming bodybuilder. This young child had the lusty physique that grown men only dream about and females drool over. So, how did Richard Sandrak get this way? Furthermore, where is he now? Inquiring minds want to know is he as muscular as he once was or even bigger? Does he now resemble the incredible Hulk or has his chiseled physique faded away?