Not Just Students – Teachers Get Fed Up With School Too

Teaching sounds like the coolest job in the world, right? Imagine yourself getting paid to mold the young minds of tomorrow. Sadly, it is actually one of the hardest jobs in the world. When it comes to controlling and teaching a class full of screaming student, you’ll need a heck load of luck. Here are some teachers who cracked under the pressure and completely tossed the syllabus out the window.

Teaching in the PJs

This teacher was completely pushed over the edge. He used to show up rocking a suit and carrying that shiny leather brief case. Those days have completely taken a hike. He soon figured that kids didn’t respect his fashion choices and may as well show in pajamas and slippers. One things for sure, this is a definite way to garner some student a question. Who isn’t going to listen to the wise, pajama clad man in front of the class?