Hurricane Irma: Before & After The Storm


You can’t fip on the news right now without hearing about the path of destruction left behind by Hurricane Irma. So far this beast of a storm has torn through St. Martin, The Virgin Islands, Haiti, Cuba, The Dominican Republic, Barbuda and other islands in the region. Now she has her eyes set on the United States as she is heading straight for Florida. A state of emergency has been announced throughout the whole state as they await her arrival come Sunday morning. This moving disaster is blowing out winds that are 155mph. She is uprooting trees, power poles and entire neighborhoods. Here are some before and after photos of the destruction this hurricane has caused.

Gilbert’s Resort in Key Largo, Florida – Before

This resort used to be the perfect island getaway. You would have found her a tiny island with a relaxing beach, luxury rooms and pier with boat for your boating pleasures. Imagine a group of happy tourist relaxing on the beach, drinking and chatting while looking at the amazing sea. Couples and large families alike would come here for relaxing vacations. This is what Gilbert’s Resort was all about.