The Heart-Warming Story Of A Poor Elephant Who Was Rescued From His Cruel Masters


The baby elephant who was separated from his mother at such a young age was called Raju, a harmless creature who was treated cruelly ever since he was stolen from his home. In India, animal cruelty is practiced commonly and publically, and Raju was no exception to the brutal practice. In fact, his story of captivity began as soon as he was taken from the wilds in Uttar Pradesh, India and sold off to a cruel master. Since then he had been passed on to other owners who treated them worse than the previous ones. Raju was used to earning money for his barbaric captives who used the animal for public shows to get money from the local people. Little did these people know the real truth about how Raju was being treated by his owner.


Mr. Binepal, a member of the SOS wildlife department, said in an interview that animal poaching is a seriously dangerous tradition practiced in India, where the babies are taken from their mothers and the mothers are either killed or put into traps that are too small for them.