Getting Over Your First Heartbreak


College is usually the first place where your heart will be shattered. Whether they find their first love there or break up with their long term high school partner, this is likely the place to go to experience that first major heartbreak. The first is always the worse. You’ll have to battle through many gut wrenching moments. Don’t despair though, here are some tips that’ll quicken the pace and have you gluing back the shards of your broken heart in no time.


  • Allow yourself to be sad. It’s okay to feel horrible. Don’t put on a smile for anyone. You need a period of screaming into your pillow and whole pizza eating. Allowing yourself to mourn your dead love will help you get over it faster.
  • Be angry about the whole ordeal. The worst thing you can do is look on at all the good times. Get bitter. Recognize what this person has done to you and hold a grudge. Don’t do anything crazy. Don’t leave weird calls or throw a brick through their window. Don’t be crazy, just be angry.
  • Embrace your passion. Being once again single and a little sad and mad will probably leave you with some great inspiration. This is the perfect time to create something unique and beautiful.
  • Most importantly hang out with your friends. It’s very likely that they took the backseat to your relationship and faded into the distance. Now they’re back. These people are your support beams and you’ll generally have an amazing time when you’re out with them. Never pass up having a good time with your friends.
  • Treat yourself to some nice things. Don’t embrace the sadness for too long. Before long it’ll be time to embrace life again.

By following these steps you should be free of your heartbreak in no time at all. Be aware that breaking up is a part of life and that their are plenty of other fish in the sea. The world is not ending.