Flight Crew Secrets Revealed


Ever wondered what it is like to be an air hostess and spend most of your time on flights traveling from one place to another? The job of attending to flight passengers comes with several perks, one of which is having an insight on all things that go behind the curtains from the airport to the cockpit of the airplane. Some of the air hostesses have spilled the beans on the airline’s best-kept secrets that you probably never imagined; some of the facts on this list are as shocking as they are gross.

Don’t Think Even For A Second That Those Blankets Are Clean

Only an air hostess can tell you how dirty the blankies and the pillows on the airplanes really are. If you think that the blankets get washed or sanitized frequently, you are in for a surprise my friends. One of the air hostesses revealed how shocked she was when she first started her job to find out the blankets and pillows on the plane are never washed or recycled. After the flight lands, all the pillows and blankets are stuffed back inside ready to be reused again for the next trip. In case you ever get the urge to ask for blankets, think again; do you really want to snuggle with the germs of hundreds of passengers who have used them before you?