Your Favorite Teenagers From the Last Fifty Years of Cinema


Walking through a college campus, your days as a high school student probably feel like they come from some distant yesteryear. Believe me, they weren’t actually that long ago. Take a moment to embrace the nostalgia and look back at your fifty favorite high school characters from your favorite teen films through the last fifty years.

Richard Dreyfuss as Steve Bolander – American Graffiti 1973

If any teen in cinema perfectly represented the apprehension and longing we all felt at eighteen, it was Steve Bolander in American Graffiti. Just out of high school, we follow Steve on the night before he sets out to university on a flight across country. His final night on the only town he ever knew is filled with nostalgia, what if’s and last shots at love. We see him go through a range of emotions that take him from fear, flat out denial and to finally acceptance.