Celebrities Who Eat Junk Food


Every day a new diet fad hits Planet Hollywood as celebrities desperate to stay lean and attractive are willing try just about any weight loss trick out there that can keep their sexy bodies in check. With the big bucks that celebrities make from their glamorous careers, they can afford to hire the best personal trainers and nutritionists and in-home chefs who can cook them healthy organic meals, but despite all that, most of them have admitted to having some crazy junk food cravings which have compelled the likes of Jennifer Lawrence to chow down on greasy pizza during the Oscar award ceremony. Here is a list of celebrities who have admitted to their secret guilty pleasures and have been caught red-handed, munching on sinful treats that their dieticians would never approve of.


Beyoncé may have an all-organic, sugar-free diet to keep that curvy dancer’s body in check but even Queen Bey gets her occasional cravings. The former Destiny’s Child singer guiltily confessed in a recent interview with Elle Magazine that she loves for salty fried food. Her love for fast food caught the attention of the famous fast food chain Popeye’s, who sent the singer a free lifetime membership so that she can enjoy as much fried chicken as wants, whenever she wants.