BONANZA: Hidden Secrets The Cast And Producers Hid From Fans


Bonanza was one of the longest-running shows in the history of television with a total of 431 episodes that stole the audience’s hearts nationwide. The storyline of the NBC hit sitcom revolved around the adventures of the Cartwright family with Ben Cartwright as the main character of the show. The show aired for the first time in 1959 and had the entire nation captivated by the time it ran its final episode in 1973. We all had our favorite Cartwright family member from the show but do you ever wonder where the famous cast members of the show are now? We will bring you back some of the fondest moments from the show and reveal some shocking facts from the series that you probably didn’t know before.

Michael Landon Wore Lifts Throughout Filming

Michael Landon was rumored to be wearing high-soled shoes throughout the filming of the show and even though his height was already 5’9”, he had an obsession with being the tallest one of the cast. To fulfill his wishes, the director of the show provided Landon with new shoes that had built-in lifts in the shoe soles. This ensured that Landon looked a few inches taller than his actual height – the lengths that the director and producers of the show had to go to in order make the cast happy was unreal.