50 Celebrities Who Beat Addiction


Whether you are famous or not, addiction can be a real problem, and it can ruin lives. The important thing about suffering from addiction, however, is knowing when it is time to get help and following through with a rehab program. Here are 50 celebrities who entered into treatment and overcame their addictions.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes used to be America’s sweetheart, with her own show on Nickelodeon and starred in movies, including She’s the Man, Easy A, and What a Girl Wants. One day, however, she decided to give up acting. Back in 2010, she started having problems with addiction to cocaine and really went off the rails. Her parents tried everything they could to get her help, but Amanda continued on a downward spiral until she was involuntarily committed to a private Malibu, California treatment center to deal with her problems. She has been in various hospitals and treatment centers since, and blames her addiction on a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Amanda is continuing to work on herself and wants to start acting again. Currently, she is clean and continues to receive therapy.