Top 5 Worst Paying College Majors


College isn’t cheap and at the end of this three year stint you can be left with a lot of student loans. Usually that isn’t such a worry because you’ve just gotten a degree and now you can work to pay that all back, that is unless your job doesn’t pay. Here are a list of some of the worst paying college majors. Make sure you choose that major wisely and keep in mind that security isn’t everything, but it sure can mean a lot.

Family and Consumer Science
With a starting salary of only $35,000 a year, a career in Family and Consumer Science will leave you college debt well into your thirties. At mid-career the salary will raise to about $54,000, but it may be too late by then. Before studying for this job, try to take a look into mechanical engineering. It might be a better choice.

Graphic Design
It isn’t always about money. Dedicating a career to graphic designer can be fun and even smart choice. There is no end to where this work can take you, yet you will have to live with a starting salary of $35,800 a year. Not so bad as it will nearly double by the time you reach your mid career and have a packed portfolio. Though you won’t find fortune in this art, you’ll still have a really fun life.

Special Education
Though special education can be rewarding, it definitely comes with its setbacks. For one, without saying it is a high stress position. For two, the pay isn’t very good. We’re talking about $35,500 a year. That said, before you start on a path to helping children with special needs, you might want to consider different and more high paying ways that you can offer your help to them.

Culinary Arts and Food Service Management
Talk about another high stress environment. People in the food service typically work long hours. We’re talking like fifteen hour days. During the holidays it can be so much more extreme. Sadly, with a starting salary of $35,400 a year, the pay is hardly worth it. We only recommend a future in the culinary arts if it’s where your passion is.

Biblical Studies
Studying the holy word won’t exactly lead you to a life of riches. With a starting pay of $34,800 a year, you’ll set out for a humble living. Again you aren’t going to make any big bucks taking this path, but if you have a die hard passion for Biblical studies don’t be swayed by a few dollar signs.