Why You Might Want to Drop That Class


Sometimes a class doesn’t work out. You can tell the dynamic isn’t going to match your learning methods or you don’t like a professor. You can usually get a feel for a class with the first few session. I usually used Ratemyprofessor.com so I could be assured I was going to get a top notch professor. Sometimes that wasn’t an option and I had to take what was available. This would sometimes completely backfire on me and I’d have to drop. Here are some reason why you should drop a class.

The Class is Too Difficult
I reason I’d drop is because the class is too hard and it has a harsh workload. I have a full schedule of classes. This class could potentially harm my ability to do well in the rest of my classes if it stresses me out too much and takes up too much of my time. It’s better to shoot for something easier.

You Dislike The Professor
Let’s be real, if you dislike your professor it’s going to be hard to sit in class and listen to him for a few hours a couple times a week. This dislike will no doubt affect your work ethic and you won’t be able to live up to your full potential.

The Professor Doesn’t Like You
I once had a professor who spoke badly of me after I gave a presentation. It was a bit eccentric, I won’t deny that, but when I excused myself to go to the restroom, apparently he called me a curse word. I dropped the class the next day. There was no way I’d pass the class.

Your Personal Life
If you have a part time job and you’re just making it to class afterwards or vise versa, it’s probably better to just drop the class. The stress won’t at all help your performance. It’s better just to wait and take it when you have the time. Situations like these will only cause a chain reaction.