Going to School Sick?


Face it. Sometimes you just can’t miss a class. It doesn’t matter how you feel. Missing that class can make the difference between a failing and passing grade. Health isn’t always working on your schedule. Sometimes it seems we get sick at the most inconvenient of time. Sadly life puts us in situation where we either sink or swim. We have to swallow our misery and head out that door anyway. It won’t ever be pleasant, but we can definitely make it less miserable by taking the right measures.

First of all, the night before you head out drink water like you’ve never drank it before. Don’t over do it, but get close to that point. The more you drink, the more likely you are to break the fever in an array of sweat. You won’t feel full on better in the morning, but you’ll feel much better than you did.

Take medication. Don’t stray from taking fever reducers and cough syrups. They aren’t the most ideal thing to take when battling an illness but if you have to go out and make magic happen, they most likely will help. Plus desperate times call for desperate measures.

Also get plenty of rest. Don’t run around between classes, but find a quiet place to chill. Lay down somewhere. Perhaps the library. Make sure you spend your entire weekend in bed. Don’t go out and have a big night with the friends and party. Doing so will only leave you in a worst way than before.

Make sure you eat well. Stay away from milk based products and embrace healthy food. Eating well will really improve your state. Meat and bread are okay. Soups and tea would be massively good for you. Anything liquid is great.