How College Helped Me Find My Passion


Finding that major is tough, believe me. Many students switch their major multiple times during college while others think about what would land them good pay and stick to that. The pressure could be horrific. When I went into college I had a budding interest in film. I lived in California so I was one in a million. I knew I liked film but I didn’t know if I wanted to work with it for the rest of my life, yet I had to pick something and I wasn’t going to choose a career path based solely on payment.

I majored in filmmaking for about a semester. During that semester I took an acting class and I realized that I enjoyed acting way more then thinking of shots and camera angles. I stuck to acting for a year and a half and enjoyed but realized I didn’t have the passion the other students had. These were both things I liked a lot but they definitely weren’t my passions.

After my acting phase I got into teching and stuck with this till graduation. It was far from what I loved but it was interesting and I was learning new things. On the side of taking classes, I had a love for literature that was growing monthly. I’d read a new book every week. Soon I began writing. At first I dabbled in poetry and then I eventually went to open mics and performed my work. It was great.

How did I get into literature? I always loved a good story. When I was eighteen, nineteen, twenty and twenty one, I was super interested in people and their stories and would try to meet with the most obscure people possible. I had this obsession with being exposed to humanity. College and LA were the perfect breeding grounds for fascinating stories and viewpoints. One thing a lot of other students would recommend were books that they loved. Through asking for recommendations I found amazing literary treasures.

Overall, college is a time growth. You’re young, curious and the world is completely new to you. The best part of this is that you aren’t alone, you’re on a campus full of people feeling the same. So if you’re going into college and don’t know what you want to do, you can assure yourself that you’ll know by the time you leave. Then you can make a goal and make a dream come true.