Choosing Your Major


Choosing that college major can hard. You’re young, inexperienced and might be unprepared to choose what you want to do for the rest of your life, yet the pressure is on. If you don’t make this decision you can end up being one those third year students who is still undeclared. Believe me, you do not want that. Not all is hopeless. Here is a tip that might help you out when choosing the major for you.

If all you’re after is money, go ahead and choose accounting. It’s as easy as that. Choosing a career that you can love and be interested in is actually a bit harder to come by. It can take research and a lot of self discovery.

Take your summer before college not only to pack and get ready for this groundbreaking era that’s about to take off, but also take that time to look into yourself and decide what you really like. Are you more of an arts or numbers guy. Your future is all in things you enjoy. For instance, if your into sports but aren’t much of an athlete, you can shoot to be a physical therapist. If you’ve always loved music you can be a music major. Get involved in the school band.

If you prefer to spend your days inside with your video games instead of with friends, consider making video games. Research your interest and see what you can do to be more involved. It doesn’t matter what it is.

One thing that is essential is your interest and your care. If you have a lack of interest and care you won’t go far in terms of anything you choose. Once you do it, set a goal. Without goals you won’t go far in anything. You need to set some goals.