Ratemyprofessors.com. Use It!


One of the biggest parts of my college career was Ratemyprofessors.com. It’s a darling little site that allows you see reviews for professors all over the world. When I had to choose my classes before the semester, I’d check what was available and look for the most compatible professors there were. Without this site my college years may have been a lot tougher and not the smooth road they were.

Why is The Site Great?
What made this site great wasn’t only that they had reviews and a rating system, but they would also tell you how hard or simple the class is. That way you know if you’re up for challenge or a class you can breeze through. This always assured that I had a pretty laid back class and wouldn’t be too stressed with test after test.

They also have a hotness rating on the site. It lets you know how attractive your professor is. So if you want to be distracted from note taking by a professor with a hot bod, you can totally set yourself up for that. Although it isn’t something I suggest.

On a lighter note, it’s also amazingly funny to read the reviews. Looking back at some on the wacky professors I had during the my college career, it’s amazing to read what people are saying about them. It’s great for chuckle.

Overall, I wouldn’t want any kid to enter college without having knowledge of Ratemyprofessors.com. If there is one site you’ll need during your college career, it is this one. So save yourself some stress and read up about who’s going to be teaching you this coming semester. You won’t regret it.