Going Back to School


When I was in college and saw older students, ones that were well into their thirties and even into their forties and fifties, I would judge them. I wouldn’t do so now, but nineteen year old me didn’t know any better and didn’t know how hard it could be to make it out there as an adult. I think a lot of the younger students would think things about them. I definitely wasn’t alone in my scoffing and eye rolling.

Though, as a twenty eight year old sometimes I want to return to college. The tables have been turned. At eighteen I didn’t know what kind of career I wanted and it showed by how many times I’d change my major. As you grow into an adult nothing changes, your interest continue to progress in all sorts of directions.

The problem with being a returning student is the time it may take to actually get a degree. Many people well into adulthood aren’t lucky enough to be full time students. Likely they’ll have to take one or two classes per semester. As an adult you have tons going on. You probably have a full time, a social life and you might even have a family. Juggling classes with that can be tough.Though if you know what you want the struggle will be worth it.

Sometimes it isn’t about getting a degree but just about learning and if you find yourself in this boat, consider yourself lucky. If you want to be something like a script writer or a set builder, you don’t really need a degree, but just need to take a few classes to learn the job. The same goes for any other class involving the arts. That said, it’s never too late to learn something new and if you have the drive, go for it!