Getting That Dream Job After College


So you’ve graduated college and now you’re going to move on to that perfect dream job with the high pay and boatload of benefits. Not so fast. You didn’t expect it to be that easy. Depending on your field it can be, but in most cases you can expect to take on a new chapter in life marked by struggle. Don’t despair, this is an important chapter in life and one that nearly everyone has to go through.

It’s a chapter that will separate the men from the boys or the women from the girls. Don’t lose hope just because you see a job at Dominos in your nearby future. Start working and working hard. Start brushing up on that resume and doing side projects. Putting your career goal on the sideline is a sure way to see you drift further from your desire future, your college experiences and the freshness of your craft.

If you’re reading this and still in college, I suggest you start looking into internships now. Doing so will give you a good foot in the door. Doing so will give you a good a concrete path to follow once you’re ejected into the rat race. When it comes to getting a job, degrees are nice and flashy but it’s the field experience that really matters.

Don’t throw in the towel if an internship isn’t an option at the moment. There is still hope. Come together with others in your field and start working on projects together. Try to function as one and work as a real team. This will be a treasure experience. Plus it will keep the flame alive and keep that passion burning.

It’s very important that you don’t like your momentum grow stale. The minute you lose track of your dreams is the minute you mine as well become a manager of Pizza Hut and stay their for the rest of your life. There is nothing wrong with that if you’re fulfilled with that kind of work.