College Life Vs Adult Life


A lot of college students can’t wait to shake loose student life and plunge into the world of full on adulthood. They see all the benefits and none of the hardships and worries that come with it. Believe me, there are some hardships. Being an experiences adult, I’m going to present the big differences between college life and the adult world that is on its way. Prepare yourselves because once you cross sides there is no going back.


Everyday Worries

The everyday worries for a college student are very college based. This is no surprise. You go out and tackle stress factors such as test, homework, projects and the finals at the end of the semester. You basically need to be a student. In adulthood you have go to work everyday and you are but a bolt that keeps the machine going properly. You absence can mean more stress for others. That alone is a lot of stress. Let’s not forget about bills. Everyone wants you money. The landlord, the electric company, everyone! It’s even worse if you have a job you hate.


Health Habits and Eating

In college you usually have a meal plan that allows you to get anything your heart desires in the school cafe. Granted it usually isn’t the healthiest food, it can result in a lot of overweight students.Most full time students aren’t exactly killing it at the gym, but they usually have a young and thriving metabolism.

In the adult world, you can finally afford to eat just about whatever you want. As a method to save money you hopefully learned how to cook throughout the years. Unfortunately, you’re also twenty nine now and your metabolism isn’t running as quick as it used to. This means you have to eat healthy now and take an hour everyday to go to the gym.


Financial Situations

In college you usually get a fair amount of cash support from your parents. Sure sometimes they short change you and you may not have enough money to live the lifestyle you desire, but you’ll never starve or be thrown out on the streets. It can suck being a broke college student, but it’s way worse being a broke adult.

Things don’t flow smoothly right after college. You usually get stuck at least for awhile with a job you hate, but eventually things pull through and the good money starts rolling in. With it comes this great sense of liberation. This isn’t the case for everyone though as twenty seven year old pizza workers do exist.


Social Life

In college you are amongst a group of people your own age and all going through the same phase of discovering life together. It’s so easy to make friends and schedule plans to meet after class. It’s one of the big perks of being a student. Adult life doesn’t come with those benefits. You locked up in a city with a hundred different types of characters and everyone is running in the rat race. It can be hard get a grasp on like-minded people.