Visiting Your Future College Campus


There was something particularly special about visiting my college campus for the first time. It was a unique kind of excitement I felt that day. Sadly, I can’t recall feeling that way since.

My two best friends from high school and I were all lucky enough to get accepted into the same university.That first visit to the school was such a big deal for us. We planned out a whole trip down there and everything. When we arrived our teenage minds were immediately blown. The campus was so free and so adult. For four high schoolers, walking on those school grounds was like walking on holyland.

I recall we wouldn’t even walk on the campus grass. It just didn’t feel proper, even though we saw others doing it. We immediately pulled out our cigarettes and began smoking at the first glimpse of other seeing students do it. We were so nervous smoking. We couldn’t grasp the concept of people smoking on a school campus.

While we were sitting on a bench a young lady approached us and asked us where one of the buildings was. We couldn’t believe that this older and mature college student was actually viewing us as peers. We felt so honored.

After strolling about we began walking around the city. Seeing all the cool places to eat, the cafes, bookshops and movie theaters built such an anticipation. We were getting such a clear look into our future. The areas we would be hanging out in by a new place we’d soon be calling our home.

It was a huge turning point for us all. Before this we had only took the subway train to Hollywood or downtown. Now we’d be seeing and exploring the greater Los Angeles county. University made things legit. With that first college visit we were grasped and pulled into something that was way more than we ever knew.