Top 5 Worst Universities


Getting into university is usually reason to celebrate, yet there a few universities that would be better swapped for community college. We have a list today of some of the worst universities in America. Several factors are being taking into consideration, including location, class size, professor ratings and the size of the class. When applying to go to University these are definitely applications you might want to skip out on.


University of New Mexico (New Mexico)

The low graduation rate speaks for itself. Only 13% of it’s students go on to graduate. The problem can be attributed to the large class size. More than 50% of the classrooms hold more than twenty students. If that isn’t bad enough, the FBI has ranked it number seven on a list of the most dangerous universities. Certainly poverty and crime aren’t the everyday, but if you study here you can expect to see them.


Southern University at New Orleans (Louisiana)

Firstly, the acceptance rate is horribly low. Only about 17% of the people who apply get in. Once they do get in they’ll find themselves are school that has very few programs. To top that off, if you thought NMU’s graduation rate of 13% was bad, it isn’t when compared to Southern University. The graduate rates are at a stunning 5%. Given that vicious summer heat and the high crime rate, you might want to think twice before applying here.


University of the District of Columbia (DC)

On paper the University won’t look so bad. It has super low tuition when compared to other universities. Although according to students, once you’re there you’ll find the administration distant. Some even complained that the buildings were old and not up to par. That’s hardly the worse. Given the school’s low enrollment rate, classes are usually cancelled after students registered for them. It’s no mystery why their graduation rate is at 6%.


Valley Forge Christian College (Pennsylvania)

Firstly, if you’re looking for fun, you probably won’t find it here. That said, it’s super easy to get into this private, religious school. The return investment here isn’t exactly worth it. It actually has the lowest return investment in the country. A degree will cost you around $114,000. Your ROI over thirty years will be -$178,000. On brighter not, they have a graduation rate of 47% percent.


Miles College (Alabama)

Like some of the other universities mentioned, Miles College doesn’t have a high tuition fee, but it does come with a very low return on investment. One plus is that the student body is relatively small, yet there is still only a graduation rate at about 21%. Crime is also an issue in the area surrounding the campus. That’s just something to keep in mind.