Taking Public Transportation


College is a fun and scary time. Some of you are leaving behind the small towns you grew up in and are heading for big cities. Having a car in the big city can be such a hassle and out of sheer convenience you might have to opt for taking public transportation. This means brushing shoulders with the likes of buses, trains and subway systems. This can be threatening for someone who grew up outside of urban city life.

I know what you’re imagining. Subways pack with so many people that you can’t get a seat homeless people and other shady figures harassing you or robbing you and let’s not forget about having to carry around loose money for each ride there and back. It can sound like a huge hassle. Imagine yourself running after buses and trains just as they pull away from the station. Now you’re late for class.

It isn’t like that at all. Everyone is just like you. They are just trying to get from point A to point B. Subways are usually well maintained and with monthly passes, all you’ll likely have to do is scan a card and hop on for the ride. Can bad things happen on this ride? Sure. Bad things can happen anywhere. You just have to walk with confidence and appear like you know what you’re doing. The wrong types of people will leave you alone if you look confident. If something does happen, the stations and trains are littered with emergency buttons that will notify the conductor.

There is nothing to fear in terms of public transportation. Rides are usually scheduled so you’ll know what time you have to get to the station to catch your train. In time you may begin like it. You conveniently go anywhere in the city with one train ride.