Surviving the College Struggle


For many student college is a time of financial difficulty. I recall all the tricks I had to pull just to stay alive back in my university days. There was the time I ordered a large pizza from Pizza Hut and survived eating that for an entire week. I’d do so by eating a slice for breakfast and a slice for dinner. It worked and that those slices were the best thing ever when I had been starving all day, but there are even better ways to stay afloat than this.

Sandwiches for one is a great way to stay alive. Bread and peanut butter. That combination can feed you for an entire week. It will get bland and boring very quickly, but it’s filling. Peanut butter can one of the most useful foods out there when your broke. You can dip things into it. I used to dip Matza into peanut butter and that worked just fine.

Sandwiches in general are great. Mustard, cheese, meat and bread. These aren’t so expensive and can pass for many meals. Pasta is also very cheap, yet the most healthy route to take is probably with vegetables. Produce is so cheap and you can make plenty of amazing and filling meals with them. You’ll also be getting into good shape while eating these amazing veggies.

I the struggle is that real and you can’t even afford a trip to the cheapest market in town. You can always stand in food lines and get your share of free and perfectly fine food. There is no shame in doing this, especially when you are young and the struggle is part 0of the adventure of finding yourself.

If you do this and cut eating out of your life, you can end the month with a savings. Sometimes it’s all about survival. You have to make do with what you have. When you make your way into adulthood, you’ll likely laugh about the struggle.