How to Study Hard, Play Harder: Tips for School and Life Balance


College is an amazing time. You’re young and have struck this major turning point in life. Everything is fresh, and new experiences are coming at you from every which direction in every form imaginable. Going up against this, it’s completely understandable that grades might be lodged in some far back corner of your mind. That’s likely the case.

Despite partying, dating, and your entire social life, grades can still be maintained with much ease. It all begins with choosing the right professor. No matter how entertaining the outside world is, if you sit in a class with a great professor the material will stick. Go on and try to take a course with a professor who has a high rating. This helped me tons back in school.

Getting sleep and eating healthy are also big game changers in the grade department. If you’re feeling constantly burned out, all the information you take in will go into one ear and right out the other. Keep that energy up. Replace your energy drinks and coffee with some natural fruits and veggies. Heavy and sweet meals will only slow you down.

Take notes and record your professor’s lectures. Picking up a pen and writing notes isn’t always a sure thing. Sometimes you only have enough time to jot down a word and a date. If you record the lecture as you take notes, you can always go back to the recordings to fill in the blanks. It’s a sure thing.

Also. You don’t need to overkill it with the studying. Take a few minutes a few times a day to scan through your notes. Repeat some of the info back to yourself and put it away till later. Right before the big test is when you should do a big one hour study. I recommend you do this an hour before the test just to keep things fresh.

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