Self-driving Cars Are Coming, But College Students Have Mixed Feelings


With new self-driving cars are around the corner, most people are wary of the technology that is about replace humans in the driving seats. Most university students across the country have been weighing in with their opinion on the technological advanced vehicles and how they could impact the future of Americans.

Mack Hogan, a student at Northeastern University shares the same beliefs as most lovers of driving who do not want to lose control of the wheel but he also feels that self-driven cars will definitely be safer than human drivers which could provide a huge safety bonus for everyone on the road. However, Emma Seslowsky of Boston University seems to disagree with the idea of the self-driving cars. Being a regular bicyclist at her university, she feels that she would trust cars on the road more if they were being driven by humans instead of a machine.

Of course people are having mixed feelings about the new technology but tech analysts have complete faith in these autonomous cars which are soon to be tested on the roads. Whatever your stance on this new technology may be, there is no doubt that these cars will bring more advantages than disadvantages to the world of technology.

These cars would also provide the added benefit of ride sharing for college students cannot afford to bring their cars to school or have to spend enormous amounts on taxi fare. Hogan shared his views on the idea of ride-sharing for college students by saying, “With the demise of the personal vehicle and the advent of infinite ride-sharing, you take a flight from Boston to Los Angeles and your car comes with you. Sure, it isn’t your car, but it goes exactly where you want it to and is there whenever you need it, so do you really need to own it? For people like college students, this will completely unlock mobility”

Jake Brewer, another student said that with the new technology, long commutes and internships could get easier for students. He explained, “Self-driving cars, especially electric ones, could revolutionize urban public transit.”

These smart cars could also be able to interact with one another avoiding traffic jams and congestions making traveling time-saving and hassle-free. With the rate of fatal traffic accidents increasing worldwide, the self-driving cars could be the only solution to save drivers from disastrous road accidents by eliminating any chance of human error.

Speed and efficiency are also two of the main factors which have the students rooting for this awesome technology. In today’s word, time is money and what better way for regular commuters to save time than a super-fast robot car which can get you from on point to another in the half the time it would take for a car driven by a human.

For the young millennials, safety and preservation of environment is everything; and if these cars are meet the safety standard expected from them by the students, the new technology could be an instant hit in the consumer market.

Self-driving cars are coming, but college students have mixed feelings