Why Relationships and College Don’t Go Together


Relationships are amazing. All the love and affection is bound to make you a much happier person, yet when you’re a student this can work against you. College is a time when you should be focusing on your studies. Love isn’t something that can play second in your life. As you can see this can end up as a very bad mix. Today we’re going to show you the cons of having a relationship in college.

Relationships can be very demanding. Your partner will definitely come in the way of your studying. They will feel like you aren’t giving them enough and attention and with their love they will lure you away from your books. Your grades will likely tumble.

There is also the risk of drama and heartbreak. How can you go to class with a clear mind when you’re lost in thoughts of argument you had the night prior. Likely those worries will speak over the professor and you’ll be sitting there like a zombie. There is also a chance of heartbreak. Going through a breakup can be crippling. It’s something that can leave you feeling horrible for months at a time. That can ruin a whole semester for you.

Things can also take a turn for the worse. Let’s say you fall in love with a psycho who follows you to class, causes dramatic scenes in public or worse has a class with you. You may not have any support in your life on a faraway college campus. Things can get rough.

College comes at a time when a lot is on the line. This isn’t a time to get into any risky business like deep, dramatic relationships. It’s better to wait until you’re more established in life.