Part Time Jobs Best Suited for Students


Having a full time class schedule and a tough part time job can be the recipe for disaster. School can wipe you out and the last thing you want to do after a tough day on campus is flip burgers in front of a hot grills. Don’t flip burgers. Do not do it. In an attempt to rescue you from burnout, we’re going to present you with some part timers that are ideal for students.

Academic Tutor
You been slaving away with a pencil in hand for twelve long years and now you’ve signed on for a sequel that takes place in a university. Who can possibly be more qualified to teach kids other than yourself? Sit back, relax and go through some of the basic from your yesteryear. This job comes without any high pressure and you’ll feel all the better when the kid your tutoring presents you with an A+ paper.

Babysitting should be nothing short of a walk in the park. You’ll play some games with the kids, feed them, make sure they brush their teeth before bed and then send off into dreamland. You can spend the free time unwinding in front of the TV or you can hit the books and crank out some homework or study time. Doesn’t that sound awesome? Getting paid to play games, watch TV and do some of your homework.

Campus Tour Guide
You live the college life, this campus is your home. There isn’t a soul around who can give a tour as quality as you could. Anyone can show someone where the gym is, but you know all the little secret hiding spots, the ones that’ll take a freshmen a year to find. An experience student, you’d be perfect for the job of showing off the up and downs of your college campus.

Ok, so you won’t be a legit princess or hero, but you can act as one at a child’s birthday party. This will be right down your alley if you’re a theater student. Think about how much fun it’ll be getting glittered up and being a princess or dressing up as batman. You won’t only be able to live out your own childhood fantasies, but you’ll be making son kid’s day. Plus, how hard can a day get when you’re just playing games and doing some arts and crafts.

Office Assistant
Okay, so being an office assistant isn’t going to be as fun as the jobs listed above, but it definitely comes with its perks, especially if you have big plans of working in an office someday. You aren’t just going to be taking calls and filing papers, you’re going to garnering experience for your future career and learning the business.

In this photo taken Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013, University of Washington sophomore Megan Herndon, of Kailua, Hawaii, stands on a bench as she leads high school students on a tour of the campus in Seattle. Despite a downward demographic shift in the number of kids graduating from high school, enrollment is up at three of Washingtonís six public universities this fall. The University of Washington, Western Washington University and Eastern Washington University are all reporting increases in students. UW and Western also have their largest freshman classes ever. Washington State University, Central Washington University and the Evergreen State College are reporting small decreases in fall enrollment. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson) ORG XMIT: WAET202