Most Ordered Foods By College Students


Most are quick to assume that college students are usually out there stuffing themselves with solely junk food. So where as you might picture the average college student surviving on a food pyramid consisting of sweets, pizza, energy drinks and alcohol, you can be assured that you have been mistaken. Grubhub has recently done a survey to determine the meals most ordered by college students and shockingly, some of the choices here are remarkably healthy.

  • Frozen Yogurt – More likely you’d envision a college student devouring a tub of ice cream, but frozen yogurt is much more their thing. The study shows that college students are 162 time more likely to order frozen yogurt over the general populace.
  • Vegetarian Spring Rolls – They’re crunchy, filled with veggies and college kids love them. Spring rolls are a huge favorite amongst college students. They kind of come with increasing amount of vegetarian restaurants popping up on college campuses.
  • Spicy California Rolls – It’s said that college kids are 85% more likely to buy spring rolls then the general population. So far student food taste is looking pretty good. Sushi in general was rated pretty high on the list but when comes down to specifics, spicy California rolls takes the cake.
  • Chicken Souvlaki Pita – One can’t find much fault in this excellent meal. It’s pita, it’s grilled chicken and of course veggies. Can a meal better encompass the food pyramid the way this meal has. It’s one of the top favorites with college students these days. It’s out there and the kids are loving it it.
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken – Okay, so sweet and sour chicken may not be the most healthy choices amongst the college youth,but it is one of their favorites. The perfect comfort food.

Seems stigmas can do a good job of swaying you from the truth. From the looks of that list it seems that college kids maybe eating better than the average blue collar worker.

Young people eating in Thai restaurant