Why You Might Want to Cup Down on The Coffee


People the world round love coffee. It is a part of morning tradition for over half the country and world. It gives you the hard smack in the face you need to really wake up in the morning. It’s also great to have at work. Some people drink multiple cups a day. Coffee is drank socially and some even drink coffee before they go to bed. When you have to cram for those midterms coffee is your best friend. Yet, coffee isn’t all it’s brought up to be, in fact it can be downright bad for you. Here’s how.


  • Wrinkles – Coffee isn’t exactly a thirst quencher, in fact it actually dehydrates the body. That in turn can contribute to the wrinkling of the skin. Drinking too much of it will seriously do some physical damage in the long run. To prevent this you can simply keep some water on hand.
  • Weight Gain – It isn’t exactly breaking news that coffee causes blood sugar to skyrocket. With that comes the craving for food, which coffee is often associated with. Coffee and donuts, coffee and pastries and even sometimes coffee with dinner. Coffee also comes with a crash that will have you grabbing for more coffee or food to give you energy.
  • Pesticides – The coffee plant is priority one when it comes to protecting it from insects and such. That said, it is sprayed with twice the amount of pesticides and a lot of that is going directly into your body.


There are many other ways to get a fresh start in the morning. For instance try some fresh fruits. Apples have plenty of natural sugars. Aside from that you can always drink cold water or wear less clothes on a cold day. Do a bit of exercise first thing in the morning. These are perfect and healthy methods for a wake up call.