How to Make Friends in College


When you’re just starting university, it can take time to get your foot in the door. You go to classes, study and come home. If you’re living in dorms and if your roommate isn’t Mr. Spontaneous or Mrs. Social, you can have a hard time making friends. It may take a semester or two for some, others may be alone and miserable for their whole college career. You don’t have to be that person. Here are some fine tips for making friends.

Student Clubs
Your college will have no end to the amount of clubs and social gatherings it can muster up. They range from clubs specializing in pop culture to clubs focused more on athletics. When I was in school I recall friends joining the drama club, improv club, anime club and the fencing club. No doubt your school will have the same. I also recall their being a fine amount of political, cultural and religious clubs. Whatever your interest might be, they’ll likely have a club for it.

Study Groups
You can get to know some of your fellow students by joining a study group, with common majors you’re bound to hit it off and become friends. Besides, it isn’t like you’ll be studying the whole time. Study groups always come with coffee breaks and some chatter along the way to ease off the books.

Art Classes
Your schedule doesn’t have to be filled with classes that are tough as nails and require solid note taking, take an art class. Painting, theatre, music, etc. These classes rely heavily on communication with your fellow students. It’s a great way to get to know someone and score a friendship.

Political Protest
If there is a cause that you feel strongly for or maybe you’re super into protesting and politics, go to a rally or political protest. Surely it’s there that you’ll find your people. You can connect and join each other in a fight for something you both love. It’s bound to spark a connection. is the perfect way to meet people, it’s designed just for that reason. Results will vary depending on where you live, but if you’re in a city or college town, there should be lots of groups. The groups range from a number of topics The have poetry readings, book clubs, cinema conversations, religious groups, exercise groups, cooking groups and the list goes on. This site is a gem.

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