Maintaining Your College Relationships



It goes without saying that some of the most powerful friendships you’ll ever have will be the ones you made in college.These are people that have seen you through the good times and bad times. So what do you do when the curtain closes on college and you all go your separate ways? Is that it? Goodbye forever?

Luckily in this day and age, it doesn’t have to end with a pat on the back, a wish good luck and a yearly letter that will stop coming after a few years. With social media continually on the rise, you can keep things fresh. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are great tools for keeping up with people from your past. Log on and send your old college buddy a message once in awhile.

For really great friends you can totally take it to the next level. For starters, use your phone as a phone. Don’t just send a text, but shoot them a call. Actually have a conversation. If they live abroad you can create a Skype or FaceTime account. This way you can contact no matter where they are in the world and it’s absolutely free. You can even make group calls using Google Hangouts.

You can also take part in sentiments from yesteryear. Write them a letter and send them a birthday and holiday card. Furthermore, you can always save up some of your money and go on a holiday to where they live. They’ll likely return the gesture by visiting you when they have the chance.

Maintaining relationships, especially distant ones takes a lot of effort. But believe me, you don’t want to be thirty years old and lack a single college friend to reminisce about the old days with. Friendships, ones that had a true impact on your life are surely worth keeping around.