List Of Activities To Do Over The Winter Break


Winter break is upon us, and although most of the college students are in the holiday spirit, wrapped up in the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, there is plenty of time after the holiday festivities are over until the start of a fresh semester for other fun activities. So why not make the best of the small break from stressful college life and make time to do things that you would normally not get the time to do during the semester. This winter break could be the perfect opportunity to recharge your batteries before the colleges open, and it’s time to dive back into the books again. We have taken some time to come up with creative and useful ways that you could spend these holidays with your loved ones before its time to bid them goodbye and return to the dorms.

1. Catch Up On Some Family Favorites

Remember the show that you and your mom used to watch together so punctually before college got in the way and then you had to move away? This holiday season could be the perfect opportunity to rekindle the bond between the two of you with some snuggly blankets and hot chocolate while catching up on your favorite shows. Oh, and don’t forget family movie nights where you and your folks can sit down together for a good comedy classic and have some good laughs together – after all holidays are all about bonding and creating memories.

2. Ice Skating

Nothing says winter holidays like skiing and ice skating trips with friends and family. The snow will melt away after you get back to college for the next semester so make the best of the opportunity and plan a few outings with your favorite people in the snow. There’s nothing like a good snowball fight outside the house with the fam that you can reminisce about once you return to the dorms and the winter is over.

3. Volunteer

Christmas is a great time to give back to the community and what better way to spend your college break than doing some humanitarian work that would make you feel good about yourself and the time you spent doing something impactful. Looking into some of the community service opportunities around you such as working in a food pantry or for an shelter that could use some extra help.

4. Work out

We know how much damage you have done to your waistline this holiday season, and with so many delicious temptations everywhere during Christmas time, who can blame you for having one too many servings of pudding. But now that Christmas is over and there are no more excuses for being inactive, it’s time to hit the gym and burn off the extra pounds that you piled on over the holiday season. This could also be a great chance to tag your friends along for some extra motivation and bonding time.

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